It’s Beginning
to Look a Lot
Like Gucci

Naughty or Nice: This Holiday Season Screams Gucci
Either Way.

All aboard a luxury cruise liner, where an eclectic – and ultra-stylish – group of passengers is whisked away to sunny climes. Gucci’s festive campaign not only centers on the special accessories that we plan to gift our loved ones this season, but also shows them in a setting that is as whimsical as it gets. Focusing on the iconic ‘GG’ motif printed with the vibrant ‘Flora’ pattern, Gucci is injecting a tropical mood into its holiday offerings.

This escapist fantasy was brought to you by the minds of Creative Director Alessandro Michele and Art Director Christopher Simmonds, through the talented lens of cult filmmaker and photographer Harmony Korine. Whether they’re dining below deck, having a dance party above deck, or limbo-ing with Santa Claus, these Gucci-clad passengers are living their best lives and their joyful mood is absolutely infectious.

Trying to decide what to give your loved ones this holiday season? We’re here to help. Our gift-giving list this year only has one name on it: Gucci. Why? Because Gucci is for everyone, young and old – even the naughty ones.